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      Omega Seamaster 1200 PloProf PloProf Dials Omega Seamaster 600 PloProf PloProf Articles Fake PloProfs Pimp your PloProf PloProf FAQ Hi, Welcome to!   The site that brings you the all the original DeskDivers articles about the Omega Seamaster 600 PloProf.   Over time we will add to the site with articles about the modern Omega PloProf 1200m, released in 2009 and also new articles about the vintage PloProf. Please keep checking back for new content and for now, feel free to enjoy all the old favourites including how to identify fakes, fit a sapphire crystal, diffe fake-vintage-omega-seamaster-watches-rid-0.html. cheap replica hublot watches ukrent dial combinations, the history, the ploprof book and of course and what its like to own a PloProf. NEWS! is born... This website is the new DeskDivers baby, and boy are we proud of it! Conceived to fulfil the need to build a new site dedicated solely to the Omega PloProf. Over the past few years the Omega PloProf has become one of the most well known dive watches of all time and some say the DeskDivers team had a hand in that increased awareness. The original articles are very popular and when the opportunity came to create a dedicated PloProf resource, we jumped at the chance. We hope you like the fact the PloProf now has its very own place. Enjoy! PloProf Book Only Watch Auction About Contact Us      
fake vintage omega seamaster watches

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rolex daytona 1992 winner 24 replica price the HALL OF SHAME
a Spotter's Guide to Fake Seamaster 300s Offered as a public service, I present the SM300 "Hall of Shame." Here are many examples of what is probably the most "faked" of all military watches, the Seamaster 300. All of the examples shown here are faked in some manner, and all were seen on our favorite auction site during the 30-day period of 03/06/2006-04/05/2006. The information presented here comes from many of the knowledgeable members at the Military Watch Resource Forum .  I thank all of them for their contributions to this guide.

- Caveat emptor Seller: onlygoodtimepieces
Auction Number: 8911071049
Relisted: 8911478503
Relisted: 8913707575
Relisted: 8914607486

This one can be considered a  poster-child for fake SM300s. Its got all the obvious clues:


The loops on the numbers 6 and 9 are closed. They are slightly open on authentic dials.

The second hand has a round ball, the correct hand would have an arrow.

The bezel insert is wrong in a number of ways. Most obvious is the type style of the numbers , which are too thick.

The word "CERTIFED" is misspelled on the caseback.

The word "WATERPROOF" is engraved with a "pointy" A. Authentic cases are engraved with a "flat- topped" A.

Note: This watch has a genuine Omega 552 movement. Most fake SM300s are found with genuine Omega movements, as they were shared with many other Omega models and are commonly avaliable. Seller: fely73
Auction Number: 8916562773


Pointy "A" , "stubbies" and f ake hands. The fake hands have a smaller lume area and thicker edges than authentic hands. FAKE
"Flat-top A" Seller: vintagefusion
Auction number: 8900458973

Here's a "stubbies" dial and sword hand set so you can do your own conversion. "Stubbies" are the tick marks (see below, circled) on the outer ring of the dial behind the hour markers.

Additional clues:

N otice how the lume on the dial is "aged" yellow and the lume on the hands is bright white.

T he date window i s not outlined. Authentic date model dials should have an outlined window.

The "ball" style second hand is incorrect . FAKE AUTHENTIC
NO "stubbies", outlined date window, open loops on 6 and 9. This is a "Small Triangle" example. "stubbies" FAKE FAKE CLUE: Fake dials commonly have the numbers 6 and 9 with closed loops.  On authentic dials the loops are slightly open. Also note on the fake dial the numbers are positioned considerably closer to the marker. Here are some examples showing fake and authentic number stlyes. AUTHENTIC AUTHENTIC AUTHENTIC AUTHENTIC Seller: rvwin1
Auction number: 5082097778


"Stubbies" dial with excessively aged lume.

Issue number A/254/67 is known to be used on many fakes. See page two for more examples of watches with this issue number.

It also lacks solid strap bars, which would be seen if it were in fact a genuine military issue. Seller: euro_traders
Auction number: 8912072821
Relisted:  8917105564

CLUES: "Stubbies" dial, "CERTIFED" mispelled, pointy "A" and fake bezel insert.

Fake bezels: Fake bezels are typically printed without any lume. The triangle and numbers are printed in a yellow color to give the appearance of lume. Genuine bezels have a lumed triangle and numbers. Older authentic bezels may not glow very long, but may still energize for a short time if exposed to bright light.

CLUE: The seller of this one knows it's fake, here's a quote from the auction description: "GENIUNE 1960'S OMEGA MOVEMENT, REST OF THE WATCH HAS BEEN RECENTLY REMADE". Be suspicious of this type of language in any auction. click here to go to page
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Swiss Luxury omega Replica Watches Vintage Omega Seamaster 300 Reference 165. 024

Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on May possibly 30, 2014Tags: OMEGA, Seamaster, Seamaster 300This report is contributed by a single of our loyal followers and readers, Boris Pjanic. He runs a watch business in Germany and has a blog on watches also. While being a Rolex passionate, his second appreciate is for Omega timepieces. This contribution covers a fantastic omega seamaster replica 300. Not the Seamaster 300 that Omega based their 1957 reference CK2913 re-edition on this year (click for the short article on the new Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial), but from the early 1960s. Most Omega collectors think of the Speedmaster initial when asked which vintage Omega they would take into account first.

Nonetheless, the Seamaster 300 is certainly not a watch to ignore. When the Major Triangle seems to gather the largest majority of collectors, this later Seamaster ref. 165. 024 is just as lovely and appealing. The patina and colour in the indices as well as the matching bakelite bezel give this watch a truly fairly face. Numerous collectors are on the lookout for the „Big Triangle" version of this watch, but even without the substantial triangle at 12 o'clock is this watch a great collector item and should not be missedbined together with the modern significant 41mm case which is 2mm bigger than a Speedmaster from the time, this is a good daily wearerfortable, easy to study, and with good potential to develop into a different icon of Omega watch making.

Thinking of that this significant case is from 1967, a time when most watches have been significantly less than 34mm in size, it must have been a definitely oversize watch back then, although matching today's trend of big sized timepieces. Absolutely a must-have in any fantastic Omega collection. Give Boris's blog a check out right here. Apart from selling watches, collecting watches and writing for his personal blog, he contributes to other web sites like Fratellowatches, and WatchTime. net and acts as an intermediate for getting & selling high-end timepieces.

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